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Learn how to blog!​

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and I am going to give you blog tips and training on this WordPress blog. Please follow me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Blogger if you have any of these social sites.

Using a few free social sites like Twitter or Google+ to promote your blo​g will come in handy for the search engines.

My goal is to help your learn how to blog or become better at blogging.

When I am done making this home page, I will make the first blog post for the keyword  "How To Blog Tutorial".

Today is 10-13-14 and this is the start of this blog and also a blog tutorial in progress.

Things change quickly, especially on the web / Internet and of course the Google search engine.​ One thing I have noticed over the years is content still rules supreme. Write good information, do not copy other peoples content and paste it into your blog.

I will make many post and pages on this site pertaining to blogs and how to use other tools to help your blog.​ The more pages and posts with good content the more the search engines will like you.

Recommended Blogging Sites To Start Your Blog On​

  • WordPress.com - No hosting site required
  • WordPress.org - You need to get a hosting account
  • Blogger - You can use your gmail account to set up a free blogger.

Google and the other organic search engines want content. Content is still "King" when it comes to blogging or making websites.​ Many bloggers want their blogs to show up on the search engines, maybe you do too.

How To Understand The Search Engines​

​After getting your blog set up and ready for your first post, the fastest way to understand the search engines is to get on page 1 of the search engines for "your name".

If you have a very common name, we can add your middle name or initial for your first post in the "Title tag", "meta tag description", and the "keywords".​

Your First Blog Post - What To Do

  • Write your first blog post about yourself
  • Use your name in the title tag, meta tag, and description.
  • Write something about yourself - anything, something, a hobby. 300-500 words.
  • Follow George Dirlam on Twitter - Ask me to post the url in my Twitter.

Since switching this domain over to a WordPress ​blog, my main goal on this homepage is to get at least 500 words of good, original content on this page. I recommend you do the same on your blog posts if you plan to get your content on the search engines.

After posting a blog, making a new page on your website, go to Twitter, Google+ or a few other sites I will recommend and post a snipped about what you just did.

As soon as this home page is finished, I will go to my Twitter and post a link to this home page url. ​

This is a StudioPress WordPress blog on a hosting account that runs me just under $10.00 per month for unlimited hosting. I can make as many blogs with my own domains as I want with hosting.

The reason for using a hosting account is that I have control over my blogs. I still use free blogs like Blogger, but those can be shut down at any time.

Many people have their facebook websites shut down on them. Maybe they made a unknown violation or for whatever reasons their pages get shut down.

The same thing can happen to free blogs and social sites.​

In the past, I would take a domain that I purchased at Godaddy and point the domain to an existing website or blog. With the many Google changes that happened and will happen again, I would recommend only using 1 domain for 1 blog or website.

This blogs domain www.learnhowtoblog.net was a domain I purchased years ago and pointed to a free Google blogspot blog which is now called blogger.​

I was able to have two pages on page 1 of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) for the keyword pertaining to this domain name.​ This technique will not work anymore on Google.

If you buy a domain name, host it to a blog or website, never mask and forward domains.​

In the upper right had corner of this home page, you will see some social icons and one of the icons is an rss feed from an old blogger I had years ago​. The blog was "how to blog" and I will go in that blogger after I finish this home page and post a new blog to give this WordPress some additional search engine optimization help.

If I make 10 posts in that blog, it will also show up on the Google,Yahoo & Bing search engines and also help this WordPress blog.​

Fast  - Fast​ - Fast - Search Engine Optimization Training

Follow these steps to learn how to Google your name and show up quickly (maybe 2 days). You will then do this on a blog and you will quickly learn how to master keywords when blogging.​

After signing up, set up your profile page. Put some content about yourself in the profile page. This site will rank on Google in two days.

We can then use it later to help your blog​

Learn how to blog

Notice all the content on the profile page?! Put some good content about yourself on that page. It will show on Google in 2 days. When you have a blog post, we will point this site to your new blog post or WordPress.

I can then teach you how to get it on the search engines for a keyword pertaining to your business or products.

Proof - Go to the Bing or Yahoo search engines and do a keyword search for this phrase - Exclusive home based business leads. You will see this profile is on page 1, maybe in the #2-#4 spot. Don't count the pay per clicks as a spot for the organic search engines.​ Google will soon show up also.

I got this on page 1 for a tougher keyword than "your name" in less than 2 months and I will teach you how to do this also .

You will also use the wall inside the above system to post your blog links. Every time I make a new post or page, I then write a snippet about my blog and post it to this wall for excellent seo "juice".

Update 10-12-14 This blog is not done​, I am working on it now and will finish this home page soon and then get on do writing the first blog post. This domain which was in the past pointed to a blogspot was on page 1 of google for the keyword  - learn how to blog. Google made changes on how to use a url/domain name and now I have this domain attached to this WordPress. I will get it back on page 1 again. I am in the process of making a power point video to put on this and other post and pages.