How To Blog Tutorial

How To Blog!

The #1 blogging platform to have is - WordPress!

It's not a bad idea to have a blogspot.

The best way I have found to make new pages and add content to my WordPress blog is with this editor I am using. See the Thrive banner to the right .

Here is a snapshot of the editor I am using as I am updating this blog post.

how to blog Tutorials

I am using this easy editor for all my WordPress Blogs

To learn more about the editor, click the image or the 250x250 Thrive banner to the right or this link below.

If you don't have a WordPress, here is how & the tools you will need.

  •  Domain -  Godaddy is where I buy my domains
  • Hosting  -  I Recommend Hostgator!

You can get a WordPress without hosting but I personally want a domain attached to my WordPress blogs. You can't do that with, you will need and that requires a hosting account.

If I was going to by my first domain, I would start with my name. If it's already taken, put your middle initial in the domain. If you last name is available - buy it!

Here is a domain I bought the last week of April 2015 -

I did a Google search for Godaddy coupons 2015 and paid $1.17 for this domain for 1 year.

​How To Set Up "Your Blog"

​I recommend you get a WordPress blog hosted with a reputable hosting company. If you want to start with blospot - no problem.

If you have a home based business or any type of business, buy a domain and use Hostgator.

You need a hosting site. I highly recommend Hostgator for web hosting. This is the best hosting site on the web, hands down.  See "Web Hosting Plans".

Click the banner to get web hosting where you can host your WordPress blogs. You can host as many blogs you want if you get the "Baby Plan", starting at $6.95 per month if you buy your plan monthly.

The baby plan has unlimited hosting for WordPress, meaning you can make as many blogs as you want. This is what I have..."The Baby Plan".

It's easy to install a WordPress once you have hosting.​ You will be able to access everything from your C-Panel once your log in to your hosting account.

WordPress Tutorials

If you want a 11 step tutorial on setting up your WordPress A-Z, these videos will get the job done.

I personally need to do something over and over to get better. These WordPress video tutorials on complete set up are perfect.​ Here is a picture of the training videos.

WordPress Tutorials

The WordPress blog set up videos are just 1 of many training videos /materials inside this marketing / training system. Cost - $25.00 one time fee

I personally use this marketing training system - Click Here​

There is a professional WordPress blog 11 step set up tutorial. You can watch the videos over and over.

You will set up your hosted WordPress correctly from the start. No Trial & Error, do it right the first time.